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Trash Proof - How to Write News Releases That Get Feature Stories, Interviews, and Reviews

If you're going to take the time and energy to send out a news release, wouldn't it be wise to take a small amount of that time to learn to do it right?   

The book contains hard earned strategies and tactics based on years of copywriting and news release distribution experience. It includes the over 120 custom targeted news releases he sent out during a multi-year long period all compiled into one incredible book. 

You'll receive concise guidance on the PR strategies that work the best for a variety of goals and objectives. How does he know these news releases are all so good?  His clients told him so.  The media told him so.  In fact one of the media came up with the idea for the title of the book.

Trash Proof is loaded with helpful, timely information and filled with advice from those on the receiving end of your marketing efforts -- this easy-to-understand compilation of expertise and examples will make the difference for online and brick and morter business owners, publishers, authors and speakers. 

Look through this book and you'll see familiar names, national best selling authors, news releases that launched seven-figure businesses, and national news stories.  And here are the actual news releases that brought them media attention.

Learn by following in the footsteps of people who are successful. 

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