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Copywriting Tips for News Releases

News releases are the most important weapon in your arsenal of tools and tactics. The copy you use to persuade media is critical since it determines what media see when you present to them. The content and style matters. Here are the best tactics and strategies I've developed and used successfully to get people publicity.

Press releases - which types of news releases really work the best?

Is it easy to write a news release? How about writing a news release that really gets the publicity that one seeks?

The blood sweat and tears of getting publicity

To me, getting publicity is like making candy – it’s a tasty recipe backed by art and science, psychology, and specific tactics that come into play. It’s a persuasive communications process that one has to go through. It has a very narrow set of requirements that many people simply do not understand. Your pitch is basically a proposal. A publishing proposal.

Create a Better News Release with The 3 I Technique

  by Paul J. Krupin

Getting publicity to attract attention and get the word out in your local area, field, or industry is crucial to jump starting any marketing or promotion effort. But how do you prepare and transmit an effective news release so that it will actually achieve results? Here is a copywriting tactic that will improve your success significantly on the very first try.

Writing News releases For Fiction Books

  by Paul J. Krupin

How do you make "news" with a book of fiction? How do you write news releases for fiction books? What a wonderful and important question. This article focuses on the special tactics for news releases about fiction books. Different media have different needs and you need to give each media just what they need and want. News releases should be different for feature editors and book review editors, and different again for radio and TV vs. print.

Cover letter or news release? Book review or feature story?

  by Paul J. Krupin

Local newspapers are perhaps one of the easiest places to get publicity. They are without a doubt one of the initial places where you should pitch to get the ball rolling on your publicity plans. I believe that if you are going to write and submit a letter or a news release then don't aim at just trying to get a book review. Go for a feature story that really gets people interested.