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Publicity Improvement Tactics

Here are some special tools that you can use to develop your publicity action plans.

The Magic of Business

The is Chapter 27 to the book "Einstein's Business" published by Elite Press in January 2007. I offer up a process and insights into knowing when you have something that will really fly. My kids say that the picture of me at the beginning is proof of reincarnation. Ha! I just think it's proof that people with similar wrinkles look alike.

Getting More Publicity for Inventions & New Products

  by Paul J. Krupin

Even one single small feature story or article placed in he right publication can drive prospective buyers to your door and bestow national and even international credibility upon you in a way that will enhance your marketing and sales for years to come. Done right, product publicity is an effective way to grow a business and gain highly favorable recognition in your industry or community. This article talks about the skills, specialized knowledge, carefully deployed writing and communications tactics you need to use to navigate through the risk-laden issues and steer clear of the danger zones on the way to PR success.