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To get started, call me or send me an email. Brief me in. Tell me about yourself so I can come up to speed and advise you intelligently. It's that simple. I will listen to your situation and objective. I will look at your news release, give you comments and call you to discuss the approach I think you should take.

By phone and email I will tell you exactly what I think we need to do and when and how much it will cost.

If you are sending me a book, product, and other materials for me to review, the street address for packages sent via FedEx or UPS is:

Paul J. Krupin 
2404 South Lyle St. 
Kennewick WA 99337 

I will call you and email you as soon as they arrive. Then I will advise you intelligently and give you my best advice and recommendations.

Your Customized Publicity Plan & Project

We start with a phone call and or email consultation so that each of us gets suitably educated so we can work together effectively.

I will request you provide me with sufficient knowledge and information on what you are looking for and what you have to offer to allow me to advise you intelligently. You brief me in and bring me up to speed on what you want to do by phone and email. You will send me specific information, book cover and photo jpegs or direct me to key web sites for needed information.

I educate you on my methods, strategies and techniques along the way. You will learn about why we do what we do as you work with me. This makes you understand more and become more proficient and efficient at getting publicity. I will send you information and guidance to help you up the learning curve so that you can make proper decisions and take appropriate action with the necessary critical business intelligence. 

Together we will decide what you need done to get your news release transmission ready. I will ask you questions by phone and email and together we will develop the best content to maximize your media response and success. 

I will then write your news release and send it to you for review and approval. 

Once the news release is done, I will create the right custom media list for you and tell you how many media there are available to meet your specific goal. 

We can include print, radio, TV, and Internet media in our campaigns. The custom list can cover daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and trade publications, news services and syndicates, Internet media and radio and TV stations and shows from all over the US and Canada.

We work with you to decide on the right media and balance. Your custom list includes the right media for your message.

I'll create a prioritized list to do what you need to do. We custom target your media to get you the best response. Every project is custom. We build the lists layer by layer. No matter what, we will target and prioritize the best media list for you. The lists are customized to match the message and your goals and objectives. You will receive the names and phone numbers so you know where it goes and can follow up to your hearts content.

Once we finalize the news release and the media list, I transmit the release.

Then we capture the incoming media responses by phone and email. 

You follow through and fulfill the media requests for review copies and interviews as appropriate. 

I will never take an action without your approval, and you choose to have me do what you need and can afford. There are no surprises. You set the budget. You establish the timing.

I'll ask for payment via credit card at the time I transmit the release.

Your custom news release project start to finish includes: consultation, copywriting, creation of your custom media list, distribution of your news release, a copy of the media list to you (names, addresses, and phone numbers), and guidance on following up. 

We can also do a focused phone follow up effort to your top media should you choose to have us do so after the news release has been transmitted.

The best results we see come from having us do both, the news release distribution and the phone follow up effort. The news release goes out one week and the phone follow up is conducted one week later. 

Privacy Statement: Your email address is your private information. It will not be redistributed, sold or used for any purpose other than to contact you and promote you in your news release per our agreement, without your express permission.

I operate this business with the highest ethical standards. Period.

I Do Not work with Pornography, Gambling, MLM, "Get Rich Quick" and "Business Opportunity", Anti-Government, Anti-Religious or Racist businesses, web sites, or companies. 

One last thing – my guarantee: 

No media response, no fee. No unhappy clients. It's that simple. 

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