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Custom Targeted Publicity Services Action Plan and Menu of Options

Specialized custom targeted publicity outreach capability can be yours for a lot less than you might ordinarily imagine.

I specialize in helping all sorts of people do custom targeted PR.

I operate on a task based PR services basis. I have a bias for action and a strict focus on the deliverables needed to take those actions.  

We aim at feature stories, interviews and reviews. The topical areas we target are hand selected to match your prime markets.

I work with all types of businesses, organizations, professional experts and technology firms.

I work in all areas of book publicity genres including fiction and non-fiction and products and services.  

We use PR to drive multiple streams of income and to achieve new levels of professional branding.

Action 3. Re-issue the news release $300.

We clean the list and we repeat the email distribution a second time a week later.

You'll get more media response and you only pay for distribution since the copywriting is done.

I take out the people who responded the first time so as not to bug them.  We usually see 50 to 100 percent more media requests come in. Some of the best come last.

$ 300.00