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Custom Targeted Publicity Services Action Plan and Menu of Options

Specialized custom targeted publicity outreach capability can be yours for a lot less than you might ordinarily imagine.

I specialize in helping all sorts of people do custom targeted PR.

I operate on a task based PR services basis. I have a bias for action and a strict focus on the deliverables needed to take those actions.  

We aim at feature stories, interviews and reviews. The topical areas we target are hand selected to match your prime markets.

I work with all types of businesses, organizations, professional experts and technology firms.

I work in all areas of book publicity genres including fiction and non-fiction and products and services.  

We use PR to drive multiple streams of income and to achieve new levels of professional branding.

Action 1. Keyword Analysis and Reports

Step 1.  I conduct a detailed analysis of the search engine traffic generating words people are using. I create a report and send it to you. It tells you the magic words and the long phrase keywords and how to use them to help people find you. It includes an analysis of the number of book reviews found in competing titles on Amazon for all the keywords identified. It is up to you to then create content using those words. The report can be easily used to create a content management plan and schedule that rapidly improves your SEO.

Step 2.  I create a series of Search Word Pro reports for you that help you identify the web sites and social media you need to partner with to get articles posted and increase the number of authoritative backlinks that come to you.

I utilize these keywords in your news release to maximize the value to you in terms of both media coverage and the long term SEO value it has for you. Cost for both is $200.  I can usually have this to you within 24 hours.

Prediction: The critical business intelligence you receive in these reports will be eye opening.

$ 200.00

Action 2. One galvanizing national publicity outreach project $600.

Do what you do best. I'll help you figure out how to turn your people on with your best three to five minutes stories, humor or advice .  I write the release, you approve it. 

I create a national custom list using Cision using your news release, your goals and objectives, and your best most important keywords as a guide. This hand developed media list includes the right media in all the right topical keywords and all the media categories.  You will receive a copy of the custom media list (names, addresses and phone numbers) so you know where it goes and can follow up to your hearts' content. 

I then transmit the release in email html and you get to see what happens. I send you the media requests numbered sequentially so you can track the responses. If you like what you see happening in the way of results (quantity and quality), then we can do one of two optional next steps. 

$ 600.00

Action 3. Re-issue the news release $300.

We clean the list and we repeat the email distribution a second time a week later.

You'll get more media response and you only pay for distribution since the copywriting is done.

I take out the people who responded the first time so as not to bug them.  We usually see 50 to 100 percent more media requests come in. Some of the best come last.

$ 300.00

Action 4. Custom Targeted Three-Day - Phone Call Outreach

We decide together who the top media for your project are. I call the top 100 or so media on your custom list to get the door open.  Every day, you receive an email report containing the requests from the media for feature story information, interviews, or for products for review. 

$ 700.00

1-2-3 Action Combo

A 1-2-3 Action Combo is $1000.  This includes the keyword analysis, the news release outreach and the re-issue. 

$ 1,000.00

Whole Enchilada

Many clients have me take all four actions. $1700.  

I recommend you consider it since the combination of email plus phone calls produces the best results. 

$ 1,700.00

Event Publicity - Local Target Publicity Outreach

Event Publicity $75 to $250. We can target geographically to support events. Actual cost depends on the size of the dma targeted and the complexity of the copywriting. Larger cities cost more than small cities. 

$ 250.00

Special Children's Book Outreach Project

Children's Book Outreach Projects $500.  Specially designed well illustrated color news release and targeted nationwide US and Canada to children’s book and family parenting media plus a local media. Includes keyword analysis, news release copywriting and two email distributions (Action Steps 1-2-3 Combo for children's book).

$ 500.00

News Release Copywriting

Copywriting  $300.  I write a news release that gets you feature stories, interviews and reviews. It is a work for hire and you are free to do whatever you wish with it. 

$ 300.00

PR Consulting Services

Consulting $100 an hour. Brief me in and I will give you specific advice and recommendations on how to repair or improve of fix your existing process.  I will review any existing marketing and PR outreach documentation or plans, systems, prior performance (or lack thereof) and create a report and analysis containing conclusions and recommendations. 


$ 100.00

Lather Rinse Repeat

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Once you experience the outreach you then can decide what works best and whether it makes sense to do more.  Some people keep me working months in a row and some for years in a row. They integrate publicity into what they do and do four, six, even 12 outreach efforts per year. I've set this up so that it stays task based with you in control. You get to decide what you want to do.  It's up to you.

I ask for payment up front, usually by credit card or PayPal. I bill when I’ve completed performance of the specific tasks you request.

Call or email me anytime.  

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