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Publicity Training

Do you want an expert copywriter and a publicist with proven target PR experience and unparalleled success in getting media attention to train the people in your organization?

Take a look at the publicity training options that are available to you to educate, energize and motivate your key people to acquire new skills, develop new marketing and promotion techniques, and achieve new heights of sales success with their marketing programs:

On-demand web seminars

Using web-based, on-demand web seminar technology, Paul Krupin can conduct live, on-demand seminars. All you need to attend is a computer with an Internet connection and a telephone. 

We can arrange these at your convenience and make them available to individuals or organizations anywhere they are located.

You can even set these up in a conference room for a lunch seminar. All you need is an LCD projector and a phone with a high quality speakerphone.

Web Seminar Topics:

How to Make the Media Fall In Love With You

Krupin will describe and reveal the tactics he uses having developed unparalleled expertise and tactics in his news release distribution business. Much of his advice is drawn from either a direct analysis of this powerful resource -- or survey responses from media journalists. When Krupin tells you the media like a certain angle or format, he knows -- because he went out and asked them. His talk will tantalize and enthrall you with real life PR success stories and proven tactics. You will see and learn the techniques used to launch successful media outreach efforts for numerous best selling authors including Chicken Soup to publicizing Net events to electronic newsletters. Publishers, authors, business owners and entrepreneurs will profit from his advice. He judiciously sprinkles his talk with delicious horror stories and lessons learned getting publicity. 

After the talk he will take questions and be able to offer specific analysis and recommendations on projects you are working on. 

Web seminars are a very cost-effective and high quality method for educating, training and deploying new marketing strategies. Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs. Most sessions can be designed to be 75 to 90 minutes in length. They can include site-specific discussions and problem solving or planning to address your specific needs, goals or objectives. Call me directly on 509-545-2707 or 800-457-8746 email to schedule a web seminar for your organization right now.

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