Direct Contact

Why Use Direct Contact PR

When you need publicity you need to send the right message to the right media, no more & no less.

Specialized custom targeted publicity outreach capability can be yours for a lot less than you might ordinarily imagine. 

Personal Advice and Specific Recommendations About Getting Publicity

  • Experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Personal Service by phone & email.
  • Strategy & tactics tailored to address your needs.

News Release Copywriting

  • Expert copywriter who teaches & guides with samples & by example.
  • Quick turnaround time on demand.
  • Professional reliable service.

Custom Targeted Publicity Services 

  • Low cost using the best media data available.
  • Seamless – integrated with your office & personnel.
  • Effective and proven performance.
  • Fixed price in advance with no surprises or hidden costs.

Each project is unique. 

You decide your budget and whatever your budget, we custom target your media to get you the best response. Every project is custom. We build the lists layer by layer. No matter what, we will target and prioritize the best media list for you.

And when you engage our services, the media don’t just understand your message, they take action on it... 

I will never take an action without your approval, and you choose to have me do what you need and can afford. There are no surprises. You set the budget. You establish the timing.

Call me anytime if you want to discuss a project. Remember, I run a custom service and not a factory and I do everything I can to make sure you get what you need.

One last thing - my guarantee: No media response - no fee. No unhappy clients.